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- Anxious no more
- Accept myself
- Accelerate learning
- Acne elimination
- Alopecia
- Alcoholic no more
- Anger management
- Anti aging
- Assertiveness
- Attracting love
- Bereavement
- Back pain gone
- Be happy
- Be popular
- Bodybuilding
- Calmness
- Cancer
- Childbirth
- Confidence
- Concentration
- Creativity
- Depression
- Drug addiction
- End relationships
- Enthusiasm
- Enjoy exercise
- Enjoy jogging
- Exam stress
- Fear of spiders
- Fear of flying
- Fear of people
- Fear of heights
- Feeling great
- Forgiveness
- Gain weight
- Giving my love
- Goal setting
- Great golf
- Great football
- Great memory
- Great tennis
- Handling criticism
- Healing rapidly
- Health boost
- Headaches gone
- Heartbreak gone
- Increased energy
- Intuition
- Insomnia gone
- Laugh more :)
- Lazy no more
- Learning languages
- Lonely no more
- Love my body
- Love myself
- Making friends
- Managing finances
- Motivation
- New Relationships
- Optimistic attitude
- Passing exams
- Patience
- Pain relief
- Personal magnetism
- Personal success
- Pleasant dentistry
- Problem solving
- Pregnancy
- Procrastination
- Prosperity -conscious
- Positive thinking
- Powerful person
- Public speaking
- Relationships
- Relaxation
- Revision
- Sales Success
- Self consciousness
- Self esteem
- Self discipline
- Self hypnosis
- Shyness
- Sleep well
- Speed reading
- Stress free
- Stop smoking
- Successful interviews
- Super energy
- Super strength
- Team work
- Test anxiety
- Time management
- Trusting myself
- Vitality
- Vivaciousness
- Waking earlier
- Wart elimination
- Weight loss
- Worry free
- Youthful vigor

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The most powerful, effective, and fully programmable Subliminal Messaging program has finally arrived..with more fully combined features and subliminal suggestion categories than any other product! The first and only program that truly deserves its name.....

The Subliminal Master!

Anyone who spends more than ten minutes a day at a computer, can now create easy, rapid changes in their lives by using the Subliminal Master! Now you can program your mind with highly positive suggestions for change as you work or surf, and begin creating rapid successes with the proven power of subliminal messaging!

Now, every minute you spend at the computer can be a 'therapeutic minute', for the Subliminal Master utilizes your PC screen to flash powerful, positive subliminal suggestions straight into your unconscious mind! Yes that's right, simply start the program then continue to use your PC as normal, for whatever it is you usually do! The subliminal suggestions are flashed onto your screen for just fractions of a second, are completely undistracting, leaving you free to do whatever it is that you normally do! Whether you use a PC for work in an office, at home, or just for surfing the web, you will begin to benefit immediately from the power of subliminal suggestion!

Your own private, full time therapist!

Take a quick look at the list of human complaints and desires to the left....we have included over 100 preset categories for creating desirable changes in both your life and behavior.

Creating anyone of these changes with a hypnotherapist, or by purchasing hypnosis audio products, would cost you considerable time and money, and the inconvenience of 'having to do something'...such as visit a therapist, or find the time to listen to the audio products.... and then, if there was something else in life you wanted to enhance or eliminate, you'd need to again pay a therapist or purchase yet more dubious products.

The Subliminal Master however, goes further than therapists or audio products could possibly go! For it only costs the same as a single Hypnosis audio product would cost, but provides over 100 more opportunities for personal change! PLUS! It doesn't require you to do anything, such as go into trance, it has no audio so there's no need to listen to anything with headphones, you don't even need to make the time to use this product, as its with you while you work!

And as if having 100 preset categories wasn't enough, we've built into this software the ability for the user to add up to 999 more suggestion categories!

That's right, you can create your very own, personal and private suggestions to help you achieve, overcome, or enhance absolutely ANY aspect of yourself. No other software offers such incredible versatility, or such value for money!

Actual screenshot of The Subliminal Master


© 2003/6 Nathan Marika Productions. "The Subliminal Master" Subliminal Message Software at its Best!